Richemont Curiosities, Anna Intrigue & More Burning Questions

Photo: Sonia Moskowitz/Getty Image
Lauren Sherman
August 17, 2023

The inaugural Line Sheet mailbag has it all: More on the Goop strategy, intel on a new Richemont brand, musings on the future of fashion media, and yes, some shopping advice. If you’d like your question answered in the next edition, just drop me a line. Let’s get started…

Re: Goop’s Goopiness: Do investors care that there could be liability issues with promoting dubious “health” products or practices, like jade egg insertion and vaginal steaming? Dr. Jen Gunter has written extensively on this, not only about Goop and Gwyneth Paltrow but other Instafluencers. Are venture capitalists and private equity considering the potential of a future class action when they evaluate a company? The Johnson & Johnson talc suit, for instance, is not going away.

I assume (?) that investors want to make sure that the products a company is selling are not harmful. But look at all the scammers in the world who have raised millions, and sometimes billions, of dollars. Investing is a risk, and sometimes you make the wrong bet. Moreover, there is often a pattern matching challenge in deals for companies like Goop. Venture firms and P.E. shops interested in, say, life sciences companies, are keenly focused on regulatory issues during diligence. Usually, however, the kind of acquirer who sniffs around for this kind of deal—probably a buyout firm that loves the celebrity brand factor and feels it can fix margins and amplify distribution—is less rapacious about this sort of vetting.