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Bottega Theories, Condéology & Sponconmania

anna wintour
My suspicion: At a low-carb 74, Anna Wintour will continue to work for as long as she can, and when she steps down as Vogue’s editor-in-chief, she’ll have some sort of emeritus role, and the magazine will be run by committee for a good while. Photo: Melodie Jeng/WireImage
Lauren Sherman
May 27, 2024

Summer 2024 is upon us, and the fashion industry is in an even weirder than usual spot: Indie brands are dropping faster than flies, luxury labels are no longer growing at warp speed, VF might sell Supreme. What happens now? The answers, at least some of them, can be found inside this mailbag. There’s the requisite Anna Wintour succession talk, thoughts on the future of Glossier, an examination of the symbiotic relationship between fashion and film, and more. Enjoy, and please keep those questions coming. 

I would like your take on the possible sale of Supreme and potential buyers