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The Bill That Could Blow Up Hollywood

Ketanji Brown Jackson
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty
Eriq Gardner
February 28, 2022

Welcome back to my new column, which is still untitled. (Please keep the name suggestions pouring in to me at This week, I’m focusing on how Biden’s pick for the Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson, could have an impact on the entertainment industry. And I’m also interested in how some underappreciated activity in the California state legislature may have powerful activity in film and television. But, in the meantime, here’s some stuff on my docket…

  • The U.S. Copyright Office has ruled that an artwork entitled A Recent Entrance to Paradise, generated by algorithm, is ineligible for copyright registration for two reasons. First, human authorship is required. And second, artificial intelligence lacks legal personhood and thus can’t enter into binding work-for-hire contracts with human overlords. Read the decision here. It’ll be interesting to watch whether this determination is challenged in court.