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larry hogan
WASHINGTON June 3, 2024
Larry Hogan, the popular former Maryland governor and Republican Senate candidate, is getting the shiv following his measured call to “respect the verdict and the legal process” in the Trump trial. It’s the latest example of the self-defeating penalty for misalignment with Trump’s G.O.P.
joe biden
WASHINGTON March 11, 2024
News and notes on the latest murmurs, enticements, mood swings, and anxieties in the D.M.V.
Mitch McConnell John Barrasso John Thune John Cornyn
WASHINGTON February 28, 2024
A chaotic Senate leadership fight beckons as McConnell, the long-reigning top Republican, prepares to step down—ushering a three-way succession battle royale.
James Lankford Kyrsten Sinema
WASHINGTON February 5, 2024
News, notes, observations, and horrors surrounding the latest machinations on Capitol Hill.

WASHINGTON January 12, 2024
News and notes on the congressional swirl: reading between the lines of Mike Rogers’ Trump genuflection, the latest Senate fundraising intrigue, and more.
Ever since Hamas insurgents attacked Israel on Oct 7, the collective left has been watching with bewilderment as a stunning divide has emerged among its ranks.
WASHINGTON January 2, 2024
Assessing a complex, nightmarish, and occasionally tragic generational divide within Democratic House offices.
The never ending Kevin McCarthy vs. Matt Gaetz feud is playing out in proxy fights across several states.
WASHINGTON December 26, 2023
The 2024 election will be one of the ugliest in history. Will party infighting at the House race level exacerbate the chaos?
The question is whether Mike Johnson can keep up this fundraising pace over the coming year, or if this was simply an outlier.
WASHINGTON December 20, 2023
Notes on the latest surprising twists in the congressional fundraising race.

House Republicans moved forward on impeaching Joe Biden in a party-line, 221-212 impeachment inquiry vote that narrowly passed the chamber.
WASHINGTON December 13, 2023
With House Republican narrowly approving an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden, a close look at the hopes and anxieties reverberating through congress.
Bernie Sanders broke up what was almost a fist fight between Markwayne Mullin and a testifying teamster during a Senate HELP hearing.
WASHINGTON November 17, 2023
News and notes from an unprecedented day on Capitol Hill: schoolyard fights, cartoonish name-calling, and more.
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