WASHINGTON July 18, 2023
The much hyped “spring offensive,” now well into July, hasn’t been the blitz that was hoped for in the West, but rather a low morale, high casualty battle for every muddy inch.
The recently retired head of the Council on Foreign Relations, Richard Haass, in 2013.
WASHINGTON July 11, 2023
An off-the-books, citizen’s backchannel to Russia exposes the ego and inanity of Washington “formers” freelancing as peacemakers without any consideration for Ukraine.
The expectation in Putin’s court is that any purge would go after those close to Yevgeny Prigozhin.
WASHINGTON July 5, 2023
Despite Western media assertions that the half-coup heard round the world was a sign of instability, my sources around Moscow and the Kremlin tell me that Putin is once again in full control. But questions linger about a future purge and missed warning signs.
After a deafening 48-hour silence, Putin can’t seem to stop speaking.
WASHINGTON June 27, 2023
In the wake of Prigozhin’s attempted coup, there’s been a lot of full-throated certainty in the Western media that Putin has been mortally wounded and that his regime is weaker than ever. Look as I might, I just don’t see it.
WASHINGTON May 30, 2023
From Brussels to Vilnius, Western leaders and Russian exiles are beginning to imagine the contours of postwar Ukraine—and whether there is still hope for change in Moscow.
China isn’t arming Russia, at least not yet, but it’s happily buying Russian oil and helping Russia bypass Western sanctions.
WASHINGTON May 23, 2023
As the White House (and the White House adjacent) ponder whether Xi can intervene to forge a peace plan in Ukraine, a little healthy Washington skepticism emerges behind closed doors.
New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen.
WASHINGTON May 16, 2023
The New Hampshire senator opens up about the gendered confirmation process, the upper chamber’s support for Ukraine, and the Tommy Tuberville fiasco.
Moscow and Beijing have been hard at work spinning the debt ceiling standoff into domestic propaganda.
WASHINGTON May 9, 2023
The Russians and Chinese are loving—just loving—Congress’s latest debt budgetary hostage crisis. But how much can they really leverage it in their long economic war to replace the dollar as the world’s denominator?
Administration officials say that Moscow appears to be in absolutely no mood to negotiate.
WASHINGTON May 2, 2023
Despite Biden’s public commitment to bring Evan home, the people tasked with making it happen worry privately that Moscow hasn’t made clear what it wants in return for his freedom.
The Kremlin media is rending its clothes for Carlson.
MEDIA April 26, 2023
In the days since he was fired from Fox News, Carlson has been hailed as a hero and a truth-teller in Russian state media—a testament to his utility in Putin’s wartime campaign.
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