Russian soldiers singing
WASHINGTON April 21, 2022
Vladimir Putin’s misbegotten war is a blatant attempt to restore his vision of the Russky mir—a pan-Slavic neo-Soviet nation state built on Russian dominance. And yet his war is being waged by the very young men, and supported by the families, that his government has oppressed.
WASHINGTON April 11, 2022
Many Ukrainians are in a state of shock after the atrocities in Bucha. For Volodymyr Zelensky’s inner circle, horror has given way to a powerful new conviction.
WASHINGTON April 6, 2022
Putin’s atrocities in Ukraine are more than just crimes against humanity. They’re a horrifying reminder that so many western peace-keeping institutions of the post-war era are defined by rhetoric more than substance.
WASHINGTON April 1, 2022
Contrary to Western optimism, there is emerging evidence that, after the initial shock and despair of a poorly planned invasion, Russians are now rallying around their flag and their president. Some are refusing to accept anything less than total victory.
SILICON VALLEY March 22, 2022
Jean-Michel Scherbak, a young actor and model from Moscow, has turned into perhaps the most unlikely dissident hero in the current crisis. His Instagram posts, and now Telegram stories, are educating multiple generations of Russians about what’s really going on in Ukraine.
Biden White House
WASHINGTON March 16, 2022
Joe Biden’s former Ukraine advisor reveals how the White House assesses Putin’s military objectives, his sanity (or lack thereof), and the best- and worst-case endgames for the Russia-Ukraine crisis.
WASHINGTON March 10, 2022
Within Putin’s propaganda machine, where injured Ukrainian mothers are “crisis actors” and Zelensky is a neo-nazi stooge, polls show two-thirds support for Russia’s “special military operation.” But how much of the public’s consent is manufactured? And could a generational divide provide a sliver of hope?
Putin funeral
WASHINGTON March 8, 2022
The anniversary of Stalin’s death last week was a cruel reminder inside Russia that history frequently repeats itself—and that toppling Putin wouldn’t necessarily put an end to his totalitarian politics, either.
A refugee after crossing the Ukraine-P oland border
WASHINGTON March 3, 2022
The unitary response from Europe has caught Americans off guard. But the invasion of Ukraine has touched a raw nerve on the continent, where the traumas of World War II are still keenly felt. Is the possibility of an “off-ramp” just a delusion of the always-optimistic American mind?
Maidan protest, 2014
WASHINGTON February 28, 2022
The view from the ground in Kyiv, where the national resistance is growing, and rumors of a Russian kill list hang in the air.
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