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Will Someone Please Buy the Donald Trump Movie?

the apprentic biopic
Here we are, 10 days after the premiere to worldwide attention, generally very good reviews, and even some Oscar buzz for Strong and Stan, and The Apprentice hasn’t found a U.S. distributor. Photo: Courtesy of Scythia Films
Matthew Belloni
May 31, 2024

Donald Trump has other things on his mind today—34 other things, actually. But before he was convicted, the former president took time from his hectic criminal trial schedule earlier this month to authorize sending a nasty cease-and-desist letter over The Apprentice, the biopic directed by Ali Abbasi and starring Sebastian Stan as a young Trump under the tutelage of an Emperor Palpatine-like Roy Cohn, played by Jeremy Strong. The real Trump isn’t a fan. 

Did you see this movie at Cannes? Trump lawyer David Warrington—who was definitely hired because he has “war” in his name—either snuck into The Apprentice or had a good source on the Palais because, right on cue, he declared the film “a concoction of lies that repeatedly defames President Trump and constitutes direct foreign interference in America’s elections.” He’s now threatening to sue to stop its release.