How NBC Resolved Its $60 Million Globes Contract Dispute

Jack Nicholson and Peter Fonda
Photo by Bob Riha, Jr./Getty Images
Matthew Belloni
January 9, 2022

Tonight’s untelevised, unglamorous, un-dignified Golden Globe Awards carries at least one silver lining for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and its producing partner, MRC: They ultimately probably won’t lose money on it.

NBC usually pays MRC (formerly Dick Clark Productions) around $60 million to air the Globes, which the producer splits with the H.F.P.A. That’s not happening this year, thanks to NBC yanking the show off the air amid the H.F.P.A.’s diversity and ethics scandal. Regular readers will remember that I noted awhile back that MRC wanted to be paid anyway, arguing that NBC unilaterally canceled the 2022 Globes before giving MRC a chance to fix any problems. NBC said no way, claiming that MRC, thanks to the talent boycott, was unable to deliver a show on par with previous years—as required by the contract—thus there’s no obligation to pay the hefty license fee.

Who’s right? Both, maybe. According to a well-placed source, the dispute has been resolved with no money changing hands for this year’s untelevised show, and NBC has agreed to add a year to the contract to televise the Globes. That eight-year deal, which began with the 2019 show, will now be extended to 2027. So MRC and the H.F.P.A. will have a chance to make up this year’s lost revenue on the back end of the contract.That’s if there’s a Globes in 2027. Or 2023. All of this is premised on the ability to revive the telecast after a year off the air and the ongoing publicist-led boycott. MRC and the H.F.P.A. declined to comment on the deal. An NBC rep says, “We don’t comment on the terms of our contracts.”