Kevin Costner Finally Realizes Taylor Sheridan Wasn’t Bluffing

Taylor Sheridan Kevin Costner
Despite Costner’s team making several overtures during last summer’s strikes, the actor and Sheridan haven’t talked in months. Photo: Presley Ann/Getty Images
Matthew Belloni
June 23, 2024

The head-scratcher of the week definitely comes from Kevin Costner, who took to Instagram on Thursday to “announce” that he would not be returning for the final tranche of Yellowstone episodes. Huh? This despite me and others reporting for over a year that creator Taylor Sheridan was writing Costner out of Season 5B due to his insane demands and conflicts with filming the various installments of Horizon: An American Saga

Nothing has changed in months. Paramount made several offers for Costner to return, including on a shortened production window and for the same pay that put him in the very top tier of TV actors. But Costner kept making odd demands, like wanting an extremely truncated schedule and script approval over the final episodes. Remember, Costner has a very bizarre “moral death” clause in his contract that prevents John Dutton from being killed off in a dishonorable manner. (My suggestion is to load his obscured dead body onto a horse and ride it off into the “horizon,” but that’s a bit on the nose, even for Taylor Sheridan.)