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Will the Academy Address Riseborough-gate?

Andrea Riseborough
The "grassroots" campaign to secure Andrea Riseborough an Oscar nomination for best actress is being investigated by the Academy. Photo: Alberto Pezzali/NurPhoto/Getty Images
Matthew Belloni
January 30, 2023

An actor called me yesterday, and he was a little pissed. What’s the big f-ing deal?, he asked. Seriously! I don’t know this woman from Adam, but what did she actually do that was so wrong? 

This guy (he didn’t want his name mentioned, but he agreed I could discuss our conversation) has been an Academy member for years and always votes. And, as we know, said voting often occurs after intense campaigning by studios and streamers, including invites to hosted screenings and pleas to watch the movies—just like the ones that turned the push for the British actress Andrea Riseborough and her tiny film, To Leslie, into the subject of an Academy investigation regarding possible rules violations, as I first reported in Thursday’s What I’m Hearing.