Not Abe Lincoln
WASHINGTON August 7, 2022
A conversation with Tina Nguyen on the past, present and future of the far right.
Samuel Alito
WASHINGTON May 15, 2022
The Justice’s search for Constitutional validation to support his anti-abortion ruling is another sign that the arc of the American experiment doesn’t always bend toward justice—and that not every institution is focused on closing the gap between our country’s promise and what we actually deliver for our citizens.
Jack Dorsey
SILICON VALLEY April 21, 2022
Twitter, which was once a peer with Facebook, is now 1/15th its size, and its most fastidious user is trying to take it private, while everyone—Democrats, Republicans, mom-fluencers, journalists—hates the damn thing despite their own contrary addictions. Herewith, an anatomy of a social media tragedy.
Meet me in the metaverse
SILICON VALLEY March 31, 2022
My recent trip to Austin for SXSW offered a number of startling realizations. First off, web3 is going to be bigger than we ever imagined. It may also, finally, be the internet platform that makes the world a better place.
Will Smith
HOLLYWOOD March 28, 2022
During the peak of his powers, Will Smith submitted to the worst possible instincts, allowing what should have been his brightest moment to reveal his own shadow through an act of violence. Smith’s meandering and pained Oscars acceptance speech was couched in the language of abuse.
People fleeing Kyiv
WASHINGTON March 11, 2022
War shatters lives, but also reveals what binds us together. I’m clinging to a hope that this war will bring out the best in us, both in Ukraine and beyond.
Daniel Ek
SILICON VALLEY February 15, 2022
Nine thoughts on Spotify, “free speech,” deplatforming, and what the Rogan crisis really means.
Digital currency
SILICON VALLEY February 2, 2022
For so much of U.S. history, Black people were not allowed to build wealth. But as I explore experiments in web3 and blockchain, I’m seeing a lot more Black people than I used to see in Web 1.0 and 2.0. Is the prospect of “generational wealth” the real deal?
Rachel Maddow is played during a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting
SILICON VALLEY January 27, 2022
Notes on Jack Dorsey's successor, the stratification of digital media, and Omicron-era information overload.
SILICON VALLEY December 27, 2021
Reflections on the Capitol insurrection, cable news myopia, Web3 scammers, bitcoin democracy, and the regenerative technology that gives me hope.
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