mark zuckerberg
And we don’t feel fine.
Aravind Srinivas
A new wave of A.I.-assisted search products, like Perplexity A.I., have the biggest tech incumbents on their heels. Are we witnessing the birth of a new internet?
Elon Musk
SILICON VALLEY April 21, 2024
Are panels really flying off Boeing 737s due to wokeness? An honest look at the recent D.E.I. hysteria.
SILICON VALLEY April 7, 2024
An urgent dispatch from the 35th annual Bioneers conference, where the scientific community underscored a series of novel, and deceptively simple, frameworks for reorienting our societies to address our carbon problem.

Shou Zi Chew Linda Yaccarino Mark Zuckerberg
SILICON VALLEY March 24, 2024
An illuminating and often terrifying conversation with Jiore Craig, a misinformation specialist, about the unexpected ramifications of a TikTok ban, how bad actors prey on anxious populations, and how we can protect ourselves from manipulation.
terminator 2 judgment day
HOLLYWOOD March 10, 2024
A pre-Oscars report from the epicenter of the A.I. filmmaking revolution.
joe biden
WASHINGTON February 27, 2024
The president’s reelection problem is deeper than his team realizes. If Biden wants to hold on to the White House, and defeat Donald Trump, he’ll need to understand the Black community in a whole new way.
bill ackman
SILICON VALLEY February 12, 2024
An inside look at a revolution in retreat: when and where our collective attention faded, the corporations and well-meaning practitioners who dropped the ball, and how we can still change the culture.

Jon Stewart has changed. The media has changed. And somewhere along the way to Charlottesville and January 6th, political comedy started getting more serious.
HOLLYWOOD January 28, 2024
Jon Stewart returns to the Daily Show anchor chair as a citizen, not just a comedian, and at a time of crisis for the media he lampooned, for political comedy itself, and for the nation. No pressure!
sam altman
SILICON VALLEY January 15, 2024
On OpenAI eating the internet, the lawsuit heard ‘round the world, and a blueprint for detente with the media and entertainment business.
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