Brian Roberts at Sun Valley in 2019
HOLLYWOOD January 21, 2022
After missing out on 21st Century Fox and the Zaz-Warner merger, Comcast seemed like a natural acquirer for Activision. But $69 billion of Microsoft’s money later, is there a plan B?
Bobby Kotick at Sun Valley
MEDIA January 19, 2022
How a peace offering from Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s gaming chief, led Activision’s Bobby Kotick to a $69 billion deal.
Reed Hastings
HOLLYWOOD January 14, 2022
Some thoughts on whether Netflix is trying to steal ESPN’s playbook, and Axios’ turning point. Plus some other dish.
Symone Sanders
HOLLYWOOD January 12, 2022
A number of recent personnel moves in the sharp-elbowed, rapidly declining, and soon-to-be-evolving cable news industry portend the next wave of deals, chaos, and a streaming afterlife.
New York Times
MEDIA January 7, 2022
My chat with Times C.E.O. Meredith Kopt-Levien, plus reporting on the latest news at CNN and BenSmithCo.
Ben Smith
MEDIA January 4, 2022
Despite the sudden, and seemingly out-of-nowhere news that Ben Smith was leaving the Times, and that Justin Smith was stepping down as C.E.O. of Bloomberg Media, the Two Smiths had been quietly discussing their new media ambitions, on and off, for years. And it may take a decade to pull off. I chatted with the Smiths on the day of their big reveal.
Jim Acosta
HOLLYWOOD December 29, 2021
The inside conversation (and a few burning questions) about CNN’s impending pivot, the trouble at "The View," and the ballad of Suzanne Scott.
Bob Iger and Tim Cook
HOLLYWOOD December 22, 2021
Deal murmurs, M&A rumblings, the Zaz rumor mill, Iger’s next moves, and other insights into the media in-crowd’s inside conversation.
New York Times
MEDIA December 17, 2021
The Athletic has now entered into exclusive talks with The New York Times about a sale. Here’s the logic.
Chris Wallace
HOLLYWOOD December 15, 2021
Is Zucker’s poaching of Chris Wallace a harbinger of CNN+’s centrism and maturity, or a trophy hire to buy time for a new streamer. Or (hint!) both, and then some?
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