Will Kering C.E.O. François-Henri Pinault’s controlling position in CAA mean that the talent agency will have to overcompensate with the LVMHs and Chanels and Brunello Cucinellis of the world?
FASHION January 2, 2024
Seven predictions, questions, and concerns for the fashion business in 2024.
When it comes to Hailey Bieber, she mostly works with Dani Michelle for her street looks and Karla Welch (who also styles her husband, Justin) for red carpet.
FASHION December 28, 2023
Answers to all your burning mailbag questions and beyond as we sail into ’24.
The luxury retailer Matches, once worth $1 billion, was bought by former Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley’s Frasers Group for $63 million.
FASHION December 21, 2023
Matches’ fire sale and Farfetch’s predatory bridge loan are the latest examples of a great industry-wide correction as egos, business models, and reality collide.
Perhaps now, with a new backer, Farfetch C.E.O. José Neves will do what everyone wants him to do: focus on making the marketplace business profitable.
FASHION December 18, 2023
Assessing the collateral damage and lessons learned—particularly that “winner-takes-all” nonsense—from Farfetch’s humbling: the delisting, the bridge loan, and failed Yoox Net-a-Porter merger.

Alain Wertheimer, Chanel’s former global C.E.O. and a member of the family that owns the iconic brand.
FASHION December 14, 2023
For years, Chanel executives have been pondering ways to manage their brand on the secondary market. It’s been a journey that has included plenty of thoughtful decks, office gossip, and litigation, too.
FASHION December 11, 2023
Mansur Gavriel has experienced all the feels of our capricious industry in just a decade: a once-in-a-lifetime product, investor frenzy, a humbling, some misses, an executive shuffle, and more. And yet, they’ve lived to tell the tale, and with optimism.
EBITDA positive or not, it’s estimated by some executives at the company that Condé Nast has lost significant sums during Lynch’s four and a half years at the helm, albeit for some decisions made before his time.
MEDIA December 7, 2023
A prolonged and botched layoff cycle has called attention to the financial engineering and further brand dilution of Si Newhouse’s former empire. As usual, the chorus of discontent appears to be a mixture of agita and inevitability, along with typical finger-pointing.
Former Gucci designer Alessandro Michele, who seems increasingly likey to land at Fendi, and Balenciaga designer Demna.
FASHION December 4, 2023
Here’s what everyone is really talking about in Paris, Milan, and L.A. as the year comes to an end.

In the early days, Antoine’s ambition for Berluti made him the Arnault sibling to watch, but he has been outshone by Alexandre, the eldest of the three boys that make up “the second family.”
FASHION November 30, 2023
Some fresh reporting and insight into the Arnault family horse race to be the heir apparent.
Marc Metrick, Jennifer Lawrence and Delphine Arnault at the Saks Fifth Avenue Dior Holiday event.
FASHION November 27, 2023
An update on their Dior deal, the Estée Laundry rumors, all that fundraising, and the Neiman Marcus roll-up fantasies.
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