Disney C.E.O. Bob Iger.
HOLLYWOOD April 21, 2023
Iger, an ice-cold killer on his second C.E.O. tour, may need a nuclear option to fend off DeSantis. As the governor and his goons look for new ways to screw with Disney, why not drop the niceties and sue for retaliation?
Gerry Cardinale and Ben Affleck at the Dealbook conference in November.
HOLLYWOOD April 13, 2023
In an age of global buyouts, a vanishing middle class of actors and filmmakers, and a likely upcoming writers strike, it’s easy to see why Artists Equity feels revolutionary. So why are so many executives, producers, and finance types so skeptical?
Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy was never enthusiastic about a recently-shelved Star Wars project, according to sources.
HOLLYWOOD April 10, 2023
The Lucasfilm president was never enthusiastic about a now-shelved Kevin Feige Star Wars project. Is that why she seemed to “forget” its existence?
The cast of Ben Affleck-directed sports drama ‘Air’ starring Matt Damon and friends.
HOLLYWOOD April 10, 2023
In theatrical terms, Air is a $130 million release that, even with tens of millions of dollars in marketing and great word-of-mouth, will likely top out at less than half that in U.S. theaters. So how come everyone is rushing to declare it a hit?
An HR investigation led to the departure of ‘The Bachelor’ franchise creator Mike Fleiss.
HOLLYWOOD March 30, 2023
For two decades, Mike Fleiss was the twisted genius behind the Bachelor franchise. With his exit this week following an investigation into racial discrimination in casting, details are emerging on a consensus member of Reality TV’s All-Star Asshole team.
If all goes according to Academy C.E.O. Bill Kramer’s plan, there will be a mandate that best picture nominees films play in 15 or 20 of the top 50 markets in the U.S. to be eligible.
HOLLYWOOD March 30, 2023
It’s all being kept quiet for now, but I’m told the Academy is poised to enact a significant rules change, potentially adding a new theatrical distribution requirement for films to be eligible for best picture.
When Victoria Alonso’s employment agreement was last renegotiated, Disney found out she was producing a side project, Argentina, 1985, for Amazon Studios.
HOLLYWOOD March 27, 2023
Ignore the self-righteous press: Victoria Alonso’s public crusade for a payout from Disney is nothing more than a money fight. And perhaps, in the grand tradition of Michael Eisner, a brand-building opportunity for whatever comes next.
Lionsgate’s Joe Drake and Keanu Reeves.
HOLLYWOOD March 26, 2023
A candid conversation with studio motion picture chair Joe Drake about the fate of the Wick franchise, the challenge of making mid-budget movies, and whether the studio could sell in 2023.
Filmmaker Adam McCay has been pitching a star-studded political dramedy, but challenging streaming economics have made it difficult to find a home.
HOLLYWOOD March 23, 2023
New Disney+ and Netflix numbers point to a split between existing and new subscribers, and a familiar, potentially stable future for streaming.
Lauren Sanchez has been quietly working on her first scripted film. It’s been quite the trial by fire.
HOLLYWOOD March 19, 2023
Jeff Bezos’s ambitious companion self-financed a film that secretly shot last summer and includes a cameo by Bezos’s ultra-private daughter, but crew defections turned a low-budget passion project into something far less hassle-free than buying undies on Amazon.
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