Tim Draper
SILICON VALLEY November 12, 2021
Plus: Inside Tim Draper’s quixotic scheme to kill California’s unions and how Blake Masters and J.D. Vance converged on more than just Peter Thiel.
Kamala Harris
SILICON VALLEY November 5, 2021
Plus: What Elon Musk gets right in his $6 billion social-media beef.
Eric Schmidt
SILICON VALLEY November 3, 2021
A candid conversation with Eric Schmidt about the A.I. apocalypse, his relationship with Joe Biden, and how “woke-ism” has changed the C-suite.
Sanders and Warren
SILICON VALLEY October 27, 2021
In a short time, a seemingly quixotic billionaire tax has become a credible threat to enter Biden’s multi-trillion social spending plan. Is this all liberal pie-in-the-sky fantasy? Or the beginning of a new cri de coeur for the wealthiest Americans, and those who manage their money?
Kyrsten Sinema
SILICON VALLEY October 25, 2021
The world’s richest man is stepping up his public displays of generosity, just as a controversial new wealth tax becomes a tantalizing possibility this week in Kyrsten Sinema’s Washington.
Reid Hoffman
SILICON VALLEY October 20, 2021
In 2017, a Wisconsin dairy scion wrote a Harvard Business School case study applying “industry competitive analysis” to party politics. The result is a $100 million plan to transform election rules. Reid Hoffman and members of one of the Bay Area’s wealthiest families have already signed on.
Laurene Powell Jobs and actor Harrison Ford
SILICON VALLEY October 14, 2021
Ten years after Steve Jobs’s death, Laurene Powell Jobs has transformed Emerson Collective into a sprawling enterprise aiming to rebuild media, overhaul immigration, reform education, and save the planet. Can the operation scale alongside the ambition?
Laurene Powell Jobs
SILICON VALLEY September 29, 2021
An unexpected turn in the spotlight underscores a fundamental truth about one of Silicon Valley’s prolific investors. It can feel like everyone knows Powell Jobs, and no one really knows her at all.
Sean Parker
SILICON VALLEY September 24, 2021
Plus: What really happened at “the Google of modern politics” after Reid Hoffman's eight-figure venture capital bailout.
Karla Jurvetson
SILICON VALLEY September 21, 2021
Karla Jurvetson spent millions on 2020, plays host to Obama and Steph Curry, and has Schumer on speed dial. Her politics veer more Warren than Biden, and she’s leaving her stamp on the party ... whether they want it or not.
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