Ketanji Brown Jackson
WASHINGTON April 8, 2022
Notes on the G.O.P.’s pedo fixations, a political orgy trial balloon, Elon Musk’s Twitter curiosities, and Trump’s 2020 fantasies.
Mehmet Oz
WASHINGTON April 4, 2022
I asked a Trump advisor if the former president would come back onto Twitter if Musk somehow engineered it. “In a heartbeat,” the advisor texted back immediately.
Ron DeSantis
WASHINGTON March 25, 2022
The governor’s relative silence on Russia and Ukraine may appeal in Florida, but it could also be the first folly of his ’24 candidacy.
CPAC 2022 in Orlando
WASHINGTON March 7, 2022
As Russia’s iron curtain descends on Ukraine, the Republican base is torn between Tucker Carlson's isolationism, Trump’s Putin idolatry, and the gun-toting, “Red Dawn” fantasy of Zelensky’s heroic, Alamo-esque stand.
Donald Trump
SILICON VALLEY February 24, 2022
John Matze, the former C.E.O. of Parler, reflects on the logistical and economic challenges of growing Truth Social from a social-media laughingstock into a legitimate Twitter rival.
Joe Rogan
WASHINGTON February 11, 2022
The Republican Party would love to talk more about Joe Rogan, and less about January 6. If only Donald Trump would let them.
Mike Pompeo and Mike Pence flank Donald Trump
WASHINGTON January 31, 2022
Reading the tea leaves on the political futures of Pence, DeSantis, and Pompeo. Plus, decoding the G.O.P.’s Kid Rock fantasy.
Trump and DeSantis
WASHINGTON January 24, 2022
Despite some shrieking media narratives, Trump and DeSantis don’t hate one another’s guts. Instead, they are involved in a more complex game theory.
Marjorie Taylor Greene
WASHINGTON January 11, 2022
Notes and observations on the Cruz-Carlson struggle session, the persistence of Marjorie Taylor Greene, and the slow-motion fracturing of the Trump coalition.
Jan 6 riot
WASHINGTON January 5, 2022
I was at the Capitol on that fateful day, and what I remember most is that the insurrection wasn’t a surprise to those of us who covered the Trump movement. In fact, my sources had been discussing it for months. It’s everything that came next that shocked me.
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