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george santos
WASHINGTON January 18, 2023
News and notes on the most astounding storylines emerging from the right: Santos’s attempt to refashion himself as a MAGA idol, DeSantis’s proto D.T.C. campaign, and more.
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Holds Weekly Press Conference
WASHINGTON January 11, 2023
Can Marjorie Taylor Greene make peace with the Taliban 20? It’s a modern MAGA political love story.
House And Senate Convene For The 118th Congress On Capitol Hill
WASHINGTON January 5, 2023
Here’s what the so-called Taliban Twenty really want. Hint: it largely starts and ends with McCarthy rapturing out of the Speaker’s office.
Marjorie Taylor-Greene
WASHINGTON December 28, 2022
Marjorie Taylor Greene’s support of Kevin McCarthy is testing her popularity among her MAGA peers in Congress. After all, passing legislation is one thing; it’s more important to stick it to the establishment.

mtg, boebert, gaetz
WASHINGTON December 21, 2022
News and notes from the Washington bubble, namely the G.O.P.’s lame-duck War of the Roses and Bari Weiss’s new alt-press stardom.
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene
WASHINGTON December 14, 2022
The alarming rise and mainstreaming of Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Qanon kook turned gigawatt D.C. fundraiser, evidences a multitude of uncomfortable facts for Kevin McCarthy. Namely, he needs her more than she needs him.
Rebekah “Bekah” Mercer
MEDIA December 8, 2022
After defining the alt-right and MAGA in 2016, the culture seemed to move on from Breitbart. Now the Mercers have, too.
Ronna McDaniel
WASHINGTON December 7, 2022
News and notes from around the MAGAverse: on the R.N.C. leadership race and the continuing fallout of Ye-gate.

Former President Donald Trump
WASHINGTON November 30, 2022
The opening act of Trump’s campaign has been defined by characteristic missteps—Kanye, Nick Fuentes, Herschel Walker—but also uncharacteristic lethargy as a post-midterms, MAGA bunker mentality takes hold.
Donald Trump
WASHINGTON November 16, 2022
Ok, so Trump is running for president—duh—which means that now everyone else can feel free to toss their hat in the ring after his wan demi-coronation. But how can the other guys avoid a case of the Christies?
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