Bill Ackman
WALL STREET July 6, 2022
Yes, the stock is down 70 percent and there are legitimate frets about an emerging ad-tier, churn, and increased competition. But the company is only trading at about 4x EBITDA while Tesla is trading at, um, 55x. This is not investment advice, but something weird is going on here.
Donald Trump
WALL STREET July 3, 2022
What the lawyers are saying. Plus notes on S.B.F.’s dip-buying moves and Elon Musk’s new competition.
Markus Dohle
WALL STREET June 29, 2022
Penguin Random House has been waiting two years to pay some $2 billion for Simon & Schuster. Is the Justice Department sticking up for aggrieved authors, or being a political pain in the ass?
Michael Saylor
WALL STREET June 26, 2022
News and notes on Bitcoin’s true believers, BuzzFeed’s self-immolation, Buffett’s $19 million meal, and the cynical upside of divided government.
Elon Musk
WALL STREET June 22, 2022
Notes on Musk’s latest head-scratching monkey wrench in the Twitter saga, and the unveiling of a grim reality: inflation may be roiling the nation, but senior bankers are worried about what the stagnating deal flow will mean for their seven-figure bonuses.
Elon Musk
WALL STREET June 19, 2022
Notes on the Musk-Twitter town hall and Wall Street’s evolving arbitrage opportunity, and some hard truths about the crypto crash.
Shari Redstone
HOLLYWOOD June 19, 2022
The inside conversation in Hollywood and Wall Street about Chapek’s future at Disney and Redstone’s M&A itch amid a looming recession.
Larry Summers
WALL STREET June 15, 2022
In an alternate universe, Obama would have picked Larry Summers to run the Fed in 2013. And we probably wouldn’t be in our economic fix if he had made good on his promise.
Elon Musk
WALL STREET June 12, 2022
There are a lot of losers in Elon Musk’s hostile, weird, off-the-rails takeover/walk-away from Twitter—the company’s employees and board, chief among them. But the most vulnerable players may be the arbitrageurs.
joanna coles and bill ackman
WALL STREET June 8, 2022
The pandemic will forever be remembered on Wall Street as the height of SPAC-mania, a consensual hallucination in which everyone, from Ackman to A-Rod, got in on the SPAC craze. It may have been easy to raise all those billions, but it turned out to be much harder to put them to work.
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