The simplest explanation for Elon’s recent moves is that he still intends to buy Twitter. But his new financing plan, restructured to protect Tesla, will require friends to share the risk. And with a purchase price this high, and leverage so low, who else would want it, anyway?
Jack Dorsey
The Twitter proxy statement is a veritable telenovela of all the dealmaking foreplay surrounding Musk’s $44 billion Twitter blockbuster.
Shari Redstone
WALL STREET May 22, 2022
News and notes on Buffett’s mediaco M&A play, Elon’s latest machinations, and why Wall Street bankers love Brian Roberts.
Elon Musk
WALL STREET May 18, 2022
After brilliantly orchestrating the initial stanzas of his Twitter takeover, Elon Musk has now ceded much of the power back to the Twitter board. Where will it proceed from here? A lower price? A hostile takeover? Lawsuits galore? All the above?
WALL STREET May 15, 2022
Peter Schiff, a notable “Gloom and Doomer,” accurately predicted the 2008 recession. Want to know what he thinks is headed our way this time around?
Stock crash
WALL STREET May 11, 2022
If it looks like a recession, and smells like a recession, and the bond market is priced like a recession, then guess what: it’s here.
Elon Musk
WALL STREET May 8, 2022
A motley group of coinvestors could help Musk to reduce the risk he is putting on Tesla, but will require him to find even more equity to close his deal for Twitter. Plus: What Liz Warren gets right and where Cathie Wood went wrong.
Warren Buffett
WALL STREET May 4, 2022
Untangling a Wall Street mystery—right from the Oracle’s mouth.
Elon Musk
WALL STREET May 1, 2022
As of now, he’s essentially only bought a $1 billion call option to buy Twitter. But various stock market moves suggest that everything is lining up.
Elon Musk
WALL STREET April 27, 2022
Musk’s decision to secure Twitter with his Tesla stock leaves him vulnerable to a punishing margin call. Will Tesla shareholders pay the ultimate price for his Twitter folly?
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