The question is whether Mike Johnson can keep up this fundraising pace over the coming year, or if this was simply an outlier.
WASHINGTON December 20, 2023
Notes on the latest surprising twists in the congressional fundraising race.
House Republicans moved forward on impeaching Joe Biden in a party-line, 221-212 impeachment inquiry vote that narrowly passed the chamber.
WASHINGTON December 13, 2023
With House Republican narrowly approving an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden, a close look at the hopes and anxieties reverberating through congress.
Bernie Sanders broke up what was almost a fist fight between Markwayne Mullin and a testifying teamster during a Senate HELP hearing.
WASHINGTON November 17, 2023
News and notes from an unprecedented day on Capitol Hill: schoolyard fights, cartoonish name-calling, and more.
WASHINGTON November 8, 2023
A conversation with strategist Tom Bonier, the Democratic data guru, about last night’s surprising election result, the Times poll freakout, and how Trump broke the political forecasting business for a generation.

President Biden Speaks on his Bidenomics Economic Plan and Its Investment in Passenger Rail at an Amtrak Facility in Delaware
WASHINGTON November 6, 2023
Measuring the level of the political freak-out under the dome as Democrats absorb the latest Biden-Trump poll and weigh their dwindling options.
WASHINGTON November 3, 2023
News and notes on who’s up and who’s down as Republicans return to D.C. and the Johnson honeymoon ends.
Tom Emmer’s speakership bid collapsed on Tuesday afternoon.
WASHINGTON October 24, 2023
News and notes on an unprecedented era in congressional history.
Perhaps the most notable holdout was the House Appropriations chair Kay Granger.
WASHINGTON October 17, 2023
It seems the G.O.P. institutionalists, after years of getting steamrolled by Trump, finally found a hill they might be willing to die on.

Jim Jordan, a founding member of the House Freedom Caucus, was long considered a bomb-thrower rather than a dealmaker by his colleagues.
WASHINGTON October 16, 2023
The hardliner Boehner once called a “legislative terrorist” is mounting an unprecedented campaign to whip Republican votes. But does he have the numbers? And could taking the speakership cost him the House?
kevin mccarthy
WASHINGTON October 4, 2023
For all Kevin McCarthy’s flaws, he was also one of the most active political animals in the House G.O.P. conference. Herewith, three observations on the fallout absent his leadership.
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