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virtual reality gun
SILICON VALLEY December 2, 2021
Reflections on our gun violence epidemic, blockchain democracy, buying the Constitution, and rebuilding America in the metaverse.
American flag
WASHINGTON November 11, 2021
White backlashes against racial progress are as American as genetically-modified apple pie. But critical race theory has unleashed a new torrent of grievances. I can’t solve everyone’s problems, but I think I can suggest a more useful way to frame the debate.
Proud Boys demonstration
MEDIA October 22, 2021
In a country struggling with racial progress, we cannot condemn potential allies for their mistakes, but we can’t coddle them either. Instead we must acknowledge the complexity in educating the people most invested in our oppression.
George Floyd protesters in Washington, DC
MEDIA October 6, 2021
It’s hard enough sometimes just living in Black skin in America. But I’ve chosen to work as a sense-maker and storyteller to help others process this often nonsensical and maddening land we share. This piece is the first in a series.

Still from The Day After Tomorrow
HOLLYWOOD September 21, 2021
Broadcast and cable news have done an abysmal job of dramatizing the reality of climate change. I should know: I’ve been in the rooms where those conversations have happened.
Hands on Manual Typewriter
PUCK September 12, 2021
Lots of platforms are out there helping support “creators,” but most are about individual creativity. At Puck, I'm not working alone.
Peter Thiel with Donald Trump in 2016
SILICON VALLEY August 8, 2021
If we all choose to opt out of self-government the way our wealthiest members have done, we’ll be left with no government at all.
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