Larry Summers
Inside the Lodge at this year’s Allen & Co. conference, the conversation among the media-tech-finance elite has been dominated by two omnipresent obsessions: recession and the man who has predicted it, Larry Summers.
David Zaslav
WALL STREET July 6, 2022
Stock prices may be down, but the mood isn’t dour—though companies that once fantasized about shedding linear assets for that coveted Netflix multiple are now thankful for their dual revenue streams. That may be one reason why Disney has abandoned talks to spin ESPN.
Chris Licht
WALL STREET July 1, 2022
In the months since Jeff Zucker’s departure, much of the focus on CNN has pertained to CNN+, talent decisions, and headline-friendly gimmicks like pumping the breaks on the Breaking News banner. But are Zaz and Licht hitting pause on Zucker’s other, less-discussed powerhouse, CNN Digital?
Alex Wagner
WALL STREET June 29, 2022
Alex Wagner is, by all accounts, a brilliant and seasoned anchor. The TV insiders I speak to sing her praises while simultaneously scratching their heads about the hire and what it suggests about MSNBC’s future.
WASHINGTON June 24, 2022
As the 2022 midterm cycle metamorphosizes into the 2024 presidential cycle at light speed, the media industry is bracing for the reality that it’ll be stuck covering Donald Trump again, for better or worse. Dylan Byers and Peter Hamby discuss how it will be different this time.
Bob Chapek
SILICON VALLEY June 22, 2022
The inside conversation about why Wall Street analysts love Disney but are worried about Warners. Plus notes and predictions ahead of Sun Valley.
David Zaslav
WALL STREET June 17, 2022
Speculation inside Warner Bros. Discovery points to fresh “synergies” coming for HBO Max’s unscripted team. Plus other notes and news on Chris Licht’s town hall and Joe Kahn’s grand plans.
Jim Acosta
WASHINGTON June 15, 2022
Facing a mandate to turn down the volume, CNN’s most vocal anchors are anxiously navigating the reality that the same chest-thumping fulminations that drove ratings under Jeff Zucker may be a liability for his successor.
Bob Chapek
HOLLYWOOD June 10, 2022
New reporting on the two biggest scandals roiling the media industry.
Washington Post Pulitzer
WASHINGTON June 8, 2022
A recent and bizarrely evolving Twitter scandal has placed D.C.’s leading media institution in the middle of the political, or at least office politics, conversation.
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