The small-dollar fundraising drought is especially problematic for Trump, who can no longer rely on Republican mega-donors to fill the gaps.
WASHINGTON March 23, 2023
A lackluster pre-indictment-gate small-dollar haul highlights an unlikely vulnerability vexing the Trump campaign: the easy money is no longer there.
The bare knuckle tactics of Hunter Biden’s allies are beginning to aggravate some senior officials in the White House.
WASHINGTON March 23, 2023
As the president’s son prepares a scorched-earth campaign to hit back at House G.O.P. investigators, some White House aides worry that Hunter has gone rogue. Plus the latest inside chatter regarding Jeff Roe’s conflicts as he muscles his way into DeSantis world.
How will Fox, facing a potential $1.6 billion legal bill, navigate the Trump indictment drama?
WASHINGTON March 20, 2023
The inside conversation surrounding Fox News’ post-Dominion politics and CNN’s centrist pivot as cable media braces for the return of the Trump show.
What exactly is Pence’s lane, and is there really any constituency clamoring for his candidacy?
WASHINGTON March 16, 2023
Absent a coalition or a lane or movement, Mike Pence’s putative presidential campaign seems unclear. Is he just running to reclaim his dignity?
On the Hill, which is filled with gossips and more gossips, observers are trying to decipher A.O.C.’s strategy.
WASHINGTON March 13, 2023
Five years into her legislative career, a more subdued and party-line-toeing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is inciting all kinds of curiosity. She’s either playing three dimensional chess en route to the Senate and beyond, or she’s diligently earning her stripes on the Hill. Which is it?
Mitch McConnell and new N.R.S.C. chairman Steve Daines have been rushing to consolidate support around strong MAGA-enough candidates whom they can put forward before Trump offers his own batshit crazy alternative.
WASHINGTON March 9, 2023
News and notes around town: Republican senatorial rapprochement and a media scrum for our times.
Outgoing Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow, likely hoping to avoid Democrat-on-Democrat violence, has suggested to Hill Harper that he run for mayor of Detroit instead.
WASHINGTON March 6, 2023
Outgoing Senator Debbie Stabenow has been trying to stage manage her succession, playing cruise director of the state party. Harper, who is expected to challenge Elissa Slotkin in April, is going for the Wes Moore playbook instead.
In many ways, Ron DeSantis’s inner circle is really only composed of himself and his wife, Casey.
WASHINGTON March 6, 2023
News and notes on the G.O.P.’s early ’24 arms race, the dark horse beneficiaries of the Trump-DeSantis cage match, Glenn Youngkin’s MAGA playbook, and more.
Hill Harper, the multihyphenate who starred on CSI: NY and Good Doctor, plans to challenge Elissa Slotkin for outgoing Senator Debbie Stabenow’s Senate seat in Michigan, according to a senior advisor.
WASHINGTON March 3, 2023
Hill Harper, the Harvard-trained lawyer-turned-actor-turned-aspiring politician is planning to take on Elissa Slotkin in Michigan.
New Hampshire Chris Sununu led Mitch McConnell and the N.R.S.C. on for over a year with the false hope that he would run for Senate. That little maneuver didn’t make him many friends in D.C.
WASHINGTON March 2, 2023
News and notes on the talk around town: Is Chris Sununu a serious 2024 contender, or just a master brand builder and hype man? Can Hakeem Jeffries keep his most senior colleagues in office through the summer? And is there any truth to the right’s Gisele Fetterman bogeymania?
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