joe biden
WASHINGTON February 15, 2024
The readout from the Cafe Milano crowd about Biden’s age and vanity.
Ronna McDaniel
WASHINGTON February 8, 2024
After Ronna Romney McDaniel’s defenestration, the trial balloons, lobbying, and guessing games for Trump’s new R.N.C. chairperson have truly begun. Welcome back to 2016 again. Plus, some notes on McConnell’s future.
Ronna McDaniel
WASHINGTON February 1, 2024
Ronna McDaniel is attempting to manage the R.N.C.’s dire financials, messaging problems, and the ego of the party’s putative presidential nominee. But time may be running out for the chairwoman as Mar-a-Lago looks to wrap up the primary and put a Trump loyalist in charge.
Ronna McDaniel
WASHINGTON January 25, 2024
The Trump campaign, feeling itself after New Hampshire, is eager to layer R.N.C. chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel with a campaign insider. It’s the latest reminder of how hard it is to stay on Trump’s good side.

Ron DeSantis speaks to workers at a campaign office on January 12, 2024, in Urbandale, Iowa.
WASHINGTON January 17, 2024
Despite having spent several days on the campaign trail this week, I’ve struggled to find a single DeSantis voter who can articulate his path forward. So what is the candidate accomplishing in his forced march past New Hampshire, besides torching his remaining political capital?
The fact that Chris Christie didn’t endorse Nikki Haley in his exit speech was probably a gift for her campaign: He had some of the highest unfavorables among Republican voters.
WASHINGTON January 11, 2024
Christie may be old news as a candidate, but his departure adds a few arithmetic wrinkles to a race that already seemed over. Oh, and his people did trade calls with No Labels...
The Trump team, already reveling in their likely victory, appears intent on burying DeSantis.
WASHINGTON January 5, 2024
Imagining the political options for the former wunderkind candidate after Iowa and New Hampshire.
U.S. President Donald Trump meets with Nikki Haley, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations in the Oval Office on October 9, 2018.
WASHINGTON December 29, 2023
Lindsey Graham, Chris Sununu, Debbie Dingell, Ritchie Torres, Steve Schmidt, Roger Stone, and many other experts of varying stripes explain what’s going down next year.

Chris Christie’s inner circle hasn’t yet had the talk with the candidate, according to a donor, but will likely do so soon.
WASHINGTON December 21, 2023
The latest plot twists and bickering as all roads lead to Iowa: Manchin’s grasps for relevance, Nikki Haley’s potential fallback plan, and the movement to vote Christie off the island.
There’s already some chatter on K Street and around the Hill about whether Steve Scalise, McCarthy’s longtime No. 2, could make another play for the top spot.
WASHINGTON December 14, 2023
The latest intrigue and conversation inside Congress: Mike Johnson’s post-honeymoon blues, Scalise succession games, and McCarthy’s speaker circuit rate card.
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