Sam Bankman-Fried
WALL STREET November 13, 2022
Wall Street comes to terms with a generational financial tragedy.
Elon Musk
WALL STREET November 9, 2022
The latest inside chatter on Wall Street about, among other things, fixing Twitter, Trump’s deal-making handcuffs, and the S.B.F. postmortem.
Elon Musk
WALL STREET November 6, 2022
News and notes on the most astonishing Wall Street stories of the week: Silicon Valley’s deep freeze, JayPow’s hidden message, and the Warner Bros. Discovery mess.
Tony Fratto
WALL STREET November 2, 2022
Tony Fratto is the latest executive to head from the hilt of D.C. to the Goldman P.R. throne. Some notes on what he can learn from his predecessors.

Elon Musk
WALL STREET October 30, 2022
News and notes on the inside conversation percolating throughout Wall Street: what Elon’s bankers will do with the debt, Apple’s earnings, and the CS First Boston prayer.
U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.
WALL STREET October 26, 2022
Many on Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue assume that Janet Yellen will conclude her extraordinary career in public service—C.E.A., the Fed, Treasury!—after the midterms. So who will Biden appoint as his next Treasury Secretary? Some guesses and informed speculation…
Tesla C.E.O. Elon Musk
WALL STREET October 23, 2022
Massive cost-cutting is only the first of the palliatives planned for Musk’s privately-owned Twitter. Plus, the inside conversation on Wall Street about Netflix’s stock rebound and Larry Fink’s Marshall Plan.
Bob Sloan
WALL STREET October 19, 2022
A new three-part Netflix docuseries, Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga, captures the essence of how the collective action of retail investors, relying largely on Reddit posts and their own desire to “stick it to the man,” nuked Melvin Capital. Bob Sloan, a star of the film, explains what the industry has learned ever since.

F.T.C. Chair Lina Khan.
WALL STREET October 16, 2022
The latest Wall Street murmurs, goings on, and insider deal points.
Tesla C.E.O. Elon Musk.
WALL STREET October 12, 2022
So Elon is buying Twitter… great. Now he just needs to figure out how to prevent the banks from issuing the company’s distressed debt at a discount to loan-to-own sharks (Apollo? DoubleLine?) who can wipe him out and maybe even one day take over the company.
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