Chris Sununu said there’s a “61 percent chance” he runs for president—his words—and 39 percent chance that he just plays the role of kingmaker in New Hampshire.
WASHINGTON May 18, 2023
The perennially on-the-precipice candidate offers his most candid thoughts yet on the White House, DeSantis, and whether he’ll soon face his “good friends”—Mike, Tim, Asa, and Nikki—on the debate stage.
Zak Malamed is running for the seat representing his hometown district, which will pit him against George Santos (pictured).
WASHINGTON May 15, 2023
Indictment-magnet George Santos has a host of political and legal headaches. Here’s the one he never saw coming: the Gen Z Long Island native ready to take his seat and eat his lunch.
Dr. Jill Biden and Ashley Biden.
WASHINGTON May 15, 2023
Jessica Hoy was effectively disavowed by the White House as a formal brand representative for the first daughter. But, as is often the case with the East Wing, it’s not so simple.
MEDIA May 11, 2023
On CNN, it sure looked like Trump won over the crowd during his town hall interview with Kaitlan Collins. But the reality was different in the room—and in the state of New Hampshire.
Will it be possible for Glenn Youngkin to jump into the race after the midterms and have a successful run?
WASHINGTON May 8, 2023
A frank, occasionally angry, always insightful dialogue with former congresswoman Barbara Comstock about Youngkin, DeSantis, the Christie suicide-bomber strategy, and the Republican colleagues she left behind.
WASHINGTON May 4, 2023
On the return and redemption of T.J. Ducklo.
Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia.
WASHINGTON May 4, 2023
Privately recorded audio from a recent No Labels call reveals a presidential-seeming Manchin, lots of messaging concerns, some strategic concerns, other concerns about concerns, and a wee bit of confusion about the political group facilitating the vox populi’s attempt to steer to the center.
WASHINGTON May 1, 2023
A candid conversation with Matt Mowers, the former Trump aide turned New Hampshire-and-D.C. political affairs maestro, on Trump’s odds, DeSantis’ stumbles, and Youngkinology.
Florida governor Ron DeSantis.
WASHINGTON April 20, 2023
A top DeSantis consigliere is the talk of Tallahassee as yet another group of Florida congressmen has endorsed Trump over their own governor.
WASHINGTON April 20, 2023
Michael LaRosa, a Biden inner circle denizen, dishes on the re-election, Hunter, the Gavin rumors, DiFi, and more.
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