David Zaslav
HOLLYWOOD April 14, 2022
The streaming wars are, simply put, a race to own the best content and have the strongest pipes to distribute it (along with all the financial engineering and tax avoidance befitting a media behemoth, naturally). Here are my four predictions for how David Zaslav can take Warner Bros. Discovery from No. 3 to No. 2—or even higher.
Matt Stone and Trey Parker
HOLLYWOOD March 10, 2022
These days, most new shows don’t make it past three seasons. But a long-running cartoon that has a fortified fan base, the promise of daily engagement, and guaranteed new episodes is perhaps the most valuable asset in media.
The Beatles: Get Back
HOLLYWOOD February 13, 2022
The Netflix doom-and-gloom narrative is likely shortsighted and apocryphal. But Disney’s recent streaming rejuvenation suggests some key factors that will dictate the winners and losers in this evolving streaming arms race.
Gossip Girl reboot cast
HOLLYWOOD January 23, 2022
When it first launched, HBO Max suffered from bad tech, a mid-market brand, and executive upheaval. But in the span of several months, it has transformed itself from a second-tier player into a credible Netflix challenger for streaming dollars.
Satya Nadella
HOLLYWOOD January 19, 2022
Gaming, like the entertainment-media-tech industry, is experiencing a wave of M&A action. Depending on how the D.O.J. and the F.T.C. respond, we’re likely to see much more of it.
rendan Hunt, Jason Sudeikis, Brett Goldstein and Nick Mohammed in “Ted Lasso”
HOLLYWOOD December 19, 2021
A year-end analysis of what’s working for the various streamers, what the metrics actually mean, and what we still don’t know.
Red Notice
HOLLYWOOD November 28, 2021
The next “Squid Game,” warning signs for Disney, the Ryan Reynolds calculus, and why “binge mode” might be overrated.
Hamilton on Broadway
HOLLYWOOD November 12, 2021
Disney+ badly needs to grow beyond families with kids and Star Wars or Marvel fanatics. Can Disney+ recreate its 'Hamilton' magic?
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