HOLLYWOOD November 1, 2022
Girls5Eva, a Tina Fey-produced comedy that struggled to break into the zeitgeist at Peacock, was the perfect target for Netflix as it down-shifts from high-budget originals to ad-friendly comfort food. It’s also evidence of a new and sophisticated audience retention tactic to turn network castoffs into global hits.
HOLLYWOOD October 25, 2022
Andor, one of the best reviewed and most ambitious Lucasfilm projects in years, is also one of its least watched. But as Disney+ looks to expand the Star Wars audience, there’s more to success than just ratings.
Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer in Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.
HOLLYWOOD October 18, 2022
Netflix naysayers suggest that the forthcoming ad-supported tier will cheapen the brand, lead subscribers to downgrade, and lower the ARPU. But it’s actually an opportunity for the company to accelerate its pivot to its own O&O sitcoms, procedurals, and other content that its users already crave and its future ad partners lust over.
Shari Redstone
HOLLYWOOD October 11, 2022
The inside conversation surrounding the biggest unanswered questions in the industry: can NBCUniversal’s streamer make it, what happens to Paramount, the future of Disney+, and much, much more.
HOLLYWOOD October 4, 2022
A midseason assessment of streaming’s favorite competition. Plus, an analysis of Murphy’s belated Netflix triumph and what it means for the future of the overall deal in the O.T.T. age.
HOLLYWOOD September 27, 2022
In a time of great anxiety in Hollywood, scary movies are the rare stress-reliever to those in the theatrical business and the direct-to-consumer market, the latest data reveals.
TV pile
HOLLYWOOD September 20, 2022
A frank conversation on the hottest topics in streaming: Warner Bros. Discovery’s war chest, CNN’s future, Wall Street’s demands, and the future of ESPN.
HOLLYWOOD September 13, 2022
Was Luck, John Lasseter’s high-budget, Pixar-inspired animated feature for Apple TV+, a flop? The convoluted answer reveals as much about the state of the streaming business as it does about Apple—or about Luck itself.
game of thrones
HOLLYWOOD September 6, 2022
In media and entertainment circles, it has become irresistible to reductively compare the first-day numbers for HBO’s House of the Dragon (10 million viewers!) and Amazon’s The Rings of Power (25 million streams!!). But dig a little deeper and the data tells a more interesting, and complex, story.
Ted Sarandos
HOLLYWOOD August 30, 2022
At last, after an ambitious 2016 proclamation, more than half of Netflix’s library is composed of original programming. And yet, the company faces a complex challenge: as originals grow, so does consumer dissatisfaction. But how else can they entice new subscribers?
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